Surprise One-Time Offer… (Use This To Get Clients)…

Here’s the skinny:

Tomorrow’s the day before Valentine’s day. You probably already knew that. But here’s would you probably don’t know about tomorrow…

Early tomorrow morning I’m going to send you an email. That email will contain a special one-time offer from me that,  based on previous experience, will see out by the end of the day.

It’s a rare opportunity to work with me in person, 1-on-1.

I tell you this now because this is a one-time offer. Straight up: once it sells out, I won’t make this offer again this year.

Keep your eyes peeled and your fingers at the ready.

Because what’s dropping in your inbox tomorrow is going to blow your sweet spiritual little mind.

All Love,

ps. If you know you already want in on this rare opportunity without knowing all the juicy details and bonuses yet AND…

You’re serious about getting clients and buckling down with me to write your most important marketing materials in 3 days or less, just click reply to this email now and I’ll fill you in on the deets.

Otherwise, check your inbox tomorrow, sweet cheeks.

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