Not Perfect? You’ll Never Make It In Business.

I'm Thomas Edison

Let’s face it…

Everyone else is judging every move you make.

Everything you do must be perfect in order to succeed.

Everyone knows thhaat.

Take Thomas Edison for instance…

He invented the light bulb on his very first try.

In fact, I believe he once said “I have not failed. I’ve found the one
perfect way, the first time.”

[Calm down, it’s called sarcasm]

Being perfect is lame.
It’s boring.
It’s overwhelming and limiting.

Feeling like you must be perfect is even worse.
It drains all your time.
It sucks out beauty and innovation.
It’s deadly.
It turns people into robots.

Family-Missing, Sleep-Deprived, Bossy-Face

I’ve been blessed to have never felt the need to be perfect… (HAHA
I could hardly keep a straight face typing that.)

I used to suffer from crippling perfectionism and have figured out how
to kick it to the curb…

…and it’s pissed a lot of people off.

Specifically, it’s aggravated the people who think my work ought to
be perfect because they feel they ought to be.

At Copy For Coaches We Don’t Do Perfect.

We Do Passionate.
We Do Money-Making
We Do Inspiration
We Do Get Sh*t Done
We Do Dancing
We Do Eat Pizza
We Do Client Magnet Training
We Do Fun
We Do Unconventional
We Do Absurd & Snarky
We Do Words, Love, & Money

But, We Don’t Do Perfect.

And we don’t work with people who are obsessed with being
perfect or right to succeed. We work with people who simply
want to succeed.

Right off the top of my head, I can give you a list of over 100 business
owners who are dead set on having everything done perfectly. You
won’t recognize a single one of them.

Perfection will drive you mad.
And then crazy.
And then crazy mad.

Here’s the thing:

Almost every time I read a piece of marketing copy from one of the
“Top Dogs” that so many coaches are trying to emulate I notice a typo.


And guess what… they still managed to make it to Millionaire.
It must be all that luck they have.

If you’re into shifting your mindset to help you check off more to-do’s on
your to-do list (More like to-done.) and ultimately bringing in more money,
more clients, and more opportunity to help change client’s lives, here’s a
good one for ya’…

If you don’t make this shift, that’s okay.

You can stay in perfect towne, trying to make perfect decisions, living in a perfect cottage, drinking perfect tea with your perfect pinky finger lifted perfectly past your perfect cup.

Perfectly broke.

In fact, think of this more like a game…

The game is “Whenever you notice a typo in someone else’s work that
you consider to “have more” or “be more” or “have succeeded more”
say to yourself “Oh, look, how cool! She’s human just like me. Looks
like I can be an imperfect success after all!”

That’s it:

Notice imperfection.
Relate it to yourself.
Acknowledge the beauty of it.
Let it go.

Because Would You Really Rather Be Perfect Than Rich?

What did you like most about this post? I’d love to hear your thoughts on being perfect in the comments below.

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