How To Write An Irresistible Blog Post (& how it relates to terrorism)

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”
– Aldous Huxley

If you’ve turned on your T.V. or checked your Facebook news feed in the past few days, you already know what I’m talking about…

France & Beirut.

In times like these, it can be easy to feel a sense of hopelessness or helplessness.

But we aren’t hopeless.

We aren’t helpless.

And neither are the people who experienced these tragedies first hand.

They have us…

The miracle makers. The light workers. The manifesting magicians.

That’s why, if you donate to one of the following charity organizations I’m going to send you my $147 value “How To Write An Irresistible Blog Post” audio training for FREE.

Heads up. This isn’t a super HD, ultra tech recording. It may even be a little fuzzy. But if you ask me those are the best. They’ve got character and make you feel like you’re listening in on a secret conversation….

Which technically you are. I did this training for one of my past client’s team. And yes, she’s given me permission to share it with you IF…

You donate to one of these global charity organizations to help support France & Beirut.

French Red Cross: About 300 volunteers are providing medical aid to victims of the attacks.
French Popular Relief: The local organization provides clothing, money, and material assistance during emergencies.
Restaurants of Love: The French charity is donating meals to those in need.
Friends of Fondation de France: The American organization offers a streamlined way to donate to various French funds.
Doctors Without Borders: The global organization provides medical assistance during emergencies.
Save the Children: The global organization addresses the needs of Lebanese children and adolescents.
Mercy Corps: The disaster relief fund provides money and material assistance to Lebanese refugees and victims.
Islamic Relief USA: The global organization donates food, clothing, and humanitarian assistance to disaster survivors.
American Near East Refugee Aid: ANERA provides emergency relief to Lebanese families and refugees.
Simply pick one (or 2 or 7).

Once you donate send me the receipt at and I’ll shoot you the recording.

All Love,

ps. There is never a moment that we can’t do something to help another human being. What have you done today to help someone?

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