Why Manifesting Doesn’t Work…

If manifesting isn’t work for you…

You’re doing it wrong.


Manifesting works every time. You will always receive what you ask for.


If you feel like you’ve been trying to manifest clients, money, success, business and you haven’t seen little to no results, it has little to do with the power of manifesting and more to do with the person trying to manifest (*you).

Sorry, not sorry.

There are so many ways to manifest “wrong” and the unfortunate thing is most coaches who do go the manifesting route do it the wrong way and then want to know why it isn’t working for them.


It’s like buying a smart phone and then blaming the phone for not working when you don’t know how to use it properly. It’s not that the smart phone is dumb, it’s that you haven’t learned how to make it work for you.

Same goes for manfesting.

Which is why my dearest friend and HEARTCOPY subscriber, Harsimrit Kaur, has put together an ultra-special training called:

3 Massive Manifestation Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make that
Keep them Frustrated, Tirelessly Working Dollars-for-Hours, and
Secretly Feeling like a Huge Failure.

You’ll discover:

  • The most common manifestation mistakes that most spiritually minded entrepreneurs make.
  • How to make all your manifestation skills and tools work faster and easier.
  • The reason why you unconsciously fear being super rich and famous.
  • Some on-the-spot solutions for a fulfilling and rich daily practice that will open you up to outrageous prosperity!

Register now right here.

If you’re into effortless prosperity as an entrepreneur and business owners, whether or not you’re into the “whole manifesting thing”, make sure you’re on this call.

I’ve already marked my calendar and saved my seat.

See you there!

All Love,

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