What Do You Get When You Put 2 Canadians, 1 Word-Wooing Woman, And A….

What do you get when you put 2 Canadian Coaches, 1 word-wooing woman, and a blatant sign-up pitch together in one room?


Check this out:

Earlier this week I told you I had something special for you, IF…

You want a product or program to sell to your list/community.

Here is that something special.

My good friends (or as I lovingly refer to them the Crazy Canadian Coach Duo) Heather & Hina, have put together a special training called “3 Secrets to Developing a High-Profit Online Signature Program”.

They’re all lit up aboot it.

Because on the call, you’re going to discover…

* The #1 tool to expand your reach & make a bigger impact in the world…
* 3 secrets why online programs can instantly double your income and credibility…
*A super easy 6-step process you can use right away to design your very own highly lucrative online signature program
*Plus, a ton more…

Sounds like a real humdinger, eh?

Makes you want to eat some maple syrup & watch hockey all day, eh?

And make lots of loonies & toonies, eh?

Good. But, before you do…

Grab your spot for this one-time exclusive training.

It isn’t coming around again this year.

All Love,

ps. ‘Loonies’ & ‘Toonies’ are the actual names for Canadian currency.

And Heather & Hina are masters of making lots of it through online programs.

See now why I call them the Crazy Canadian Coach Duo?

Grab your spot now.

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