This’ll Take 8 Seconds. Tops.

I’m at the conference, see.

I’m mapping out the rest of 2016, see.

And, I need your help, see?

Many of you replied to yesterday’s inquiry about what you need from me to help you grow your business in 2016. I appreciate you taking the 8 seconds out of your day to reply. It’s going to help us all. And Now, I’d like your expert opinion on something else.

What would you most like to master right now? Is it…

A) How to get people to sign up & show up to your webinars
B) How to write immensely entertaining emails that sell your products & programs like hotcakes
C) The newest strategies & insights inside the copywriting, marketing, and money-mastery world
D) How to have a client-getting frenzy
E) or, Something Else.

Reply now and let me know.

It’s take no more than 8 seconds. Tops.

I’ll take the most popular response & plan to make it happen for you in 2016.

We’re in this together.

All Love,

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