This Contains The Solution For Getting (& Keeping) Clients

I wish it were sexier than this.

But, we can’t all be super models, boo boo.

The solution for getting (& keeping) clients isn’t rocket science. It isn’t some “hidden secret” locked away inside some guru’s million dollar mansion. Heck! It doesn’t even come down to a specific strategy or system.

When it comes to getting (& keeping) clients, all you need to know is this:

Everything You Say Is Selling Something.

It’s what I remind my HeartCopiers of every month inside our training letter. If your words aren’t aligned with what your clients want, fear, & feel, then you just straight up won’t have very many clients (or any for that matter).

Think about it:

It doesn’t matter where you go, who you talk to, or how many people you reach…

Right now, in this day and age, you cannot get a client without using your words. Whether that’s through speaking from stage, writing an email, creating a Facebook Ad, networking, hosting a webinar, offering a free session to the person next to you in the check-out line…

You cannot get clients without words.

Because here’s the cool part (that most coaches don’t realize):

Once you know how to use your words to get clients…

Every strategy, every system, every ninja blueprint launch formula will work for you.


Everything else can be outsourced.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself…

For now, I’ll leave you with this:

If you don’t have all the clients you want, or world renowned programs you want, or customers, cash, & contribution you want…

Take a good are look at the words you’re using.

What are they selling?

Are they selling your products and programs? Or, are they selling your insecurities?
Are they selling your coaching? Or, are they selling your desperation to make money?
Are they selling your live event? Or, are they selling a fear or failure?

What are your words selling?

If you don’t like your answer, it’s time to change your words.

All Love,

ps. If your words aren’t selling your products & programs, and
you’re ready to change that for good, go here:

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