The 3 Invisible Connectors Of Copywriting

Here’s THA thing…


You could steal a whole bunch of people’s emails…


Download all of the hottest marketing material templates…


Follow the profit-by-numbers style that so many coaches fall victim to…


JUsT “pLuG & pLaY” they say.

(which, by the by, is the fastest way to
come off like a sell out, aka the #1 thing
most coaches don’t want to look like,
aka, ironically, what most coaches end
up doing because they don’t know better.)
It’s a cryin’ shame, frankly.

You could follow the 3 Invisible Connectors of Copywriting.

These 3 Invisible Connectors apply to every marketing material you’ll ever write in your business. Like, EVER. Not just sometimes. All times.

Without them, most coaches hop from one guru to the next trying to get the latest template & ninja strategy on the marketing circuit, resulting in dismal result after dismal result (and a mean case of Shiny Object Syndrome).


Once you master them, you’ll know which ‘swipe files’ and ‘templates’ are worth your time. (Most of them aren’t, but how would you know if you don’t know what to look out for?)


You’ll be able to create fully personalized, 100% original marketing materials that you didn’t have to take from someone else…. because you’ll finally know how to communicate effectively & purposefully.

(just like this email)

Which is why I’ve always wondered why ‘business growth gurus’ don’t just tell the truth – that they learned these connectors & then developed their systems & then sold said systems to people like you and me.

If they really want you to get the results they say they do, why wouldn’t they tell you what really grew their business – these Invisible Connectors?

But, that’s a conversation for another day.

So, what are these 3 Invisible Connectors?

They are Energy, Principles, & Personality.

And, I’m going deep dish on each one of them in January’s edition of HeartCopy.

Because 2016 is the year my HeartCopiers and I wipe out Shiny Object Syndrome, once and for all!

I’d love to count you in, if you’re up for it.

Here’s the link to join:

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