Scaredy-Cat Clients Will Skunk You Every Time…

Whether you have a cat or not…


Have you ever noticed that when a cat is hungry it will meow & meow & meow & meow AND meow & meow for you to fill its bowl up with food? And how, once you’ve filled its bowl up, it ceases to meow but refuses to eat right away?


“I’ll eat on my own terms, servant.”


It implies, as it wafts its tail in the air, acting like it didn’t just spend 30 minutes trying to get your attention.


And then, once they think you’re not looking, they gobble down the glorious bowl of food that you so generously provided for them not 10 minutes prior…


Entitled little rulers, cats are.


Not only that, they are master manipulators.


Whether they realize it or not.


And that, my sweet dearling, is the story of how your clients are actually cats.




They will beg & beg & beg AND beg for your help.


Making it seem like their world is going to end if you don’t come to their rescue right away.




The second you offer them ‘the cat food’ for which they’ve been desperately longing, they act as if they don’t need you anymore.


They say wafty things like…


“I don’t have the time right now.”

“I don’t have that kind of money to spend on coaching right now. Maybe in a couple of months.”

“I’ve got too much on my plate. Adding this will only make it worse.”
And other scaredy-cat excuses.




They turn right around and sign up to work with another coach (who’s probably not nearly as good as you.)


Master manipulators, indeed.




The coaches who know how to persuade these finicky felines and turn them into cooperating little kittens, like my HeartCopiers and I do, have nothing to worry about.


To us, taming these furballs is a piece of cake.


It’s as easy as walking away and letting them think it was their idea.



If you want in on our puurrrrrpetual client-getting ways, you’ve gotta have cat like reflexes, boo-boo, because this month’s newsletter goes to print tomorrow.


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All Love,

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