Rare Opportunity… Can I Come To Your City For The Weekend?

If you’ve ever planned to finally launch a program/product/website and not follow through with it, please read this email carefully…

Earlier this month I spoke at Christian Mickelsen’s event “Get Clients Today”. I got to ask a lot of the attendees what their biggest challenge is around marketing their coaching.

Most said that they get really excited to start a project or campaign or launch but never follow through with it. They said they get caught up in the wording of things, get overwhelmed with the tech side of the project, and then let is slowly fall to the waist side.

Which, from personal experience, can make you feel like a huge failure.

And cause you to miss out on serious money making opportunities.

At first, I thought about telling them about my $5K upcoming retreat in Marbella, Spain and how we’ll spend 5 days planning & writing your entire launch campaign (launch your product by the time you get home), but I get that not everyone is able to fly out to Europe.

And on the flight home it hit me –

What if I simply came to you and we had a VIP “Focused & Free” Weekend. Just you and me. We meet for 3 days, roll up our sleeves, bunker down and get your marketing shh done.

It’s a little wacky, right? But I’d like to try it with a few serious action takers and see if it’s doable on my end.

My thinking behind all this?

Well, a marketer that I look up to is doing something similar and it totally inspired me… my 1-1 clients want more, my HeartCopy members are begging for more, and I set a goal for this year to travel more so I thought “how can I catch 3 cats with one catnip toy?”

Besides, I think it’d be super cool to see how many places I can travel by the year’s end.

So, here’s the offer (You must act on this over the weekend):

  • No change in price, just $5K if you take action this weekend.
  • If you invested in my “Focused & Free” Laser Coaching Package or HEARTCOPY, I’ll apply that amount toward the fee (It’s like getting one of those programs for free).
  • We meet from 8AM to 3PM for 3 Days in a row (likely Friday/Saturday/Sunday).
  • During our time together we will both work on any project you like (Your website, your launch, your funnel for intro sessions are great examples).
  • I’ll help you with copy, technology, campaign set-up, product creation whatever you need to get this project done and ready to make money. We’ll both be working on your stuff at the same time.
  • I will cover my own travel and lodging so there are no extra fees to have me come to you.
  • I’m going to be in Europe & Africa throughout the month of October and potentially November. So, if you’re on that side of the globe, you don’t have to miss out on this special opportunity. I’ll be in your neck of the woods and would love for you to take me up on this.
  • We’ll pall around, sip tea, and take tons of selfies together. 😉 I may even end up featuring you and your program in an upcoming newsletter. 
  • As a bonus I’ll extend your HEARTCOPY membership to give you a full year for free. And if you’re not a HC member, you will get the new fully upgraded $4997 membership for free.
  • I’m happy to offer a payment plan for our VIP weekend together.

How to take action on this?

Reply to me by Monday, February 15th and let me know what you’d like to accomplish and where you live. We will then set up a phone call and figure out a way to make this easy for you.


I know how powerful it is to have a master marketing mind sitting down with you, laser focused on your business, for 3 days straight. It’s like I told my client yesterday:

You’re just one great idea away from your next big pay day. So, to have someone brainstorm great ideas with you… AND then help you implement them IMMEDIATELY… for 3 straight days!!!… is a what my brother calls BOSS LEVEL.

Just reply to this email today, or Monday at the latest, and let’s set up a time to talk and a plan to finally get your project done and making you money.

All Love,

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