Never Ever…

The saying goes:

The show must go on!

But, I’ll be the first to tell you that when I’m feeling stuck, pushing the show along feels nearly impossible. Down right deplorable.

So, instead of the typical “how to write copy so hot you’ll be pushing clients off of you” email. I’ve decided to send you something else.

It probably won’t make me any money. Or help me sign up clients. Heck! It might even make people unsubscribe from my list. That’s okay. I’m not here to work with everyone. I’m here to work with the right ones.

So, if you’ve been feeling stuck, or have ever felt stuck in your business… in your relationships… in your life… in your head… I hope this helps.

You can even save it for future reference or forward it to a friend, if you’d like.

It’s meant to be read out loud to yourself. For yourself. No one else.

Ready? Set? Show…


Wallowing in self doubt.

Doesn’t feel like I’ll get out.

Long to move forward… feel free, but…

Something seems to be stopping me.


I place my hand, yes, right there.

You aren’t the problem.

It’s the thought that this is your cross to bear.


So, hear me now

you precious gift:


You are more than your pains.

Your sorrows, your sadness.

You are more than your anger.

Your fear, your lack-ness.


You are more than your hurts.

Your struggles, your blocks.

You are more than your frustrations.

Your job, Your timeclocks.


You are more than your eyes.

Your ears, your mouth.

You are more than your house.

Your car, your bike route.


You are more than your entitlements.

Your grudges, your groans.

You are more than your opinions.

Your credit cards, your bank loans.


You are more than your job.

Your business, your career.

You are more than your status.

Your enemies, your peers.


You are more than your city.

Your vacations, your spouse.

You are more than your insecurities.

Your tea, your coffee house.


You are more than anything you have yet to imagine.

And, you’ll only know what I mean when you let yourself have it.


Surrender to me now- the feeling you feel.

Surrender to me now – or your future you’ll steal.

Surrender to me now – the love wanting to rush in.

Surrender to me now – and a new life begin.


It ain’t the most technically sound poem. But, hopefully that didn’t stop you from getting the message:

You are loved.
Your message is needed.

Never ever give up.

All Love,

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