Lâche Pas La Patate!!… (What About Potatoes?!?)

Don’t let my lack of accent fool you…

I’m a Cajun, me, from way down in South Louisiana.

And, there’s an old Cajun saying…

“Lâche pas la patate!”

Or, in English…

“Don’t drop the potato!”

It’s a common analogy for “Don’t give up!” and it originates from Cajun hunters roasting their dinner over their camp-fires, which typically consisted of… you guessed it… potatoes! Once roasted, the hungry men had to hold their patate in their hand. So, obviously, if it’s still very hot you’d have to “hang on” until your hand gets used to the heat. Thus…

“Don’t drop the potato! Don’t give up!”

This is a valuable lesson for coaches.

Especially if you’re still in the “hot potato” phase of your business.

Juggling between your sanity and your desire to help more people.

Things’ll cool down, my dear.

Hang in there.

Don’t give up.

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Yes! Client Getting Frenzies!
Don’t drop your potato.

Your future clients will be glad you didn’t give up.

All Love,

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