I’m Writing To You From Jail.

In cometh an email from HEARTCOPY member and attendee of yesterday’s Marketing Masterclass, Heather:


Hi Jenn,

I just had to tell you that I had a funny dream last
night about copywriting…

I was eating at a restaurant here that used to be a
jail in like the 1800s – they converted it into a really
nice restaurant.

Anyway, I was eating there and then I said…OMG I
need to write an email about this with a subject line:
I’m writing to you from jail or The time I was in jail…

LOL it was too funny because my brain was totally on
how I could use the experience in an email.

Thanks for the great call last night! You rocked.

Hope you feel better today.



And, that kids, is your brain on copywriting.

Once you taste the sweet, sweet high of money-making ideas leaping into your life left and right… even in your dreams… you won’t ever want to go back.

And, because Heather is a HEARTCOPY member she is well equipped with the word-wise and know how to turn that brilliant subject line into a client getting frenzy.

All it takes is a little practice and this right cheer, my dear.

All Love,

ps. Speaking of client getting frenzy…

Yesterday’s Marketing Masterclass: How To Turn Your Intro Session “No’s” Into A Client Getting Frenzy was Grrrrrreat! Even with all the tech glitches and my sick-y face.


Because the tech Gods took the reigns yesterday, I’m going with the flow.

Here’s what I mean:

I’ve decided to extend the special midnight pricing for the *new* fully loaded HEARTCOPY program until Friday night at midnight, which means you have less than 36 hours left to get the HUGE 50% discount and snatch up the recording of yesterday’s masterclass.

Remember, only HEARTCOPY members receive masterclass recordings, plus you’ll also get your own exclusive copywriting masterclass series for the full year.

That’s over 24 hours of marketing and copywriting training with me fo’ free.


Plus, on top of all your already insane program perks, when you register before midnight tomorrow, you also get last month’s HEARTCOPY newsletter, “The 3 Invisible Connectors of Copywriting” and the special newsletter carrying case so you can keep your money-making library with you at all times.

Go on now.

Check it out and iffen you’re finally ready to have the rare ability to sell out your products and programs, you can register thyself right now.


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here. He does not find it flattering. He finds
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