How to master marketing with this 1 teeny tiny question

Copywriting & marketing ain’t rocket surgery.

You don’t need a Phd masters degree to use it, sweet cheeks.

All you need is 1 teeny tiny question.

This teeny tiny question packs a double dose of success-itude:

First, it’ll “shed light” on the clogs in your business. Then, as if by magic, it becomes the “Drano” you’ll need to quickly clear the clog and open up a steady stream of cash & clients rushing your way. This question has saved my butt many times and thousands of dollars and countless work hours because of it’s crystal ball like abilities.

Only problem is:

There are a lot of coaches out there who THINK they know what this question is.

They think they’re asking the right question when, in fact…

They couldn’t be further from the 1 right one.

They’re wasting their time on questions like:

“How do I sell my products & programs without feeling sales-y?” …or… “What words will attract my perfect clients? “…or… “Where can I find a template for a killer opt-in page, sales page, free report, etc., etc.” …or…”Where do I find my perfect clients and customers?” …or, even… “How do I launch my first product, program, eBook, website, blog, podcast, YouTube channel, etc. etc.?”.

Questions like this lead to…

Spending gobs of money on over priced programs that, in the end, will do nothing more than chew them up and spit them out still searching for answers.

That’s valuable time wasted, my friend.


The real question to ask isn’t common.

It isn’t “mainstream”.

And, at times, to the untrained mind, can be utterly annoying.

Which is why most coaches never harness the marketing power of this 1 teeny tiny question.

And end up spending a nauseating amount of money & time on “get rich quick” programs disguised as something of value.

Which is a shame, because like I said,

This question is the only one you need to master marketing & copywriting (thus mastering client getting & money making)

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