Here’s My A To Your Q…

Holy smokes.

I’ve gotten tons of feedback from the whacky offer I made earlier this morning and I’m not sure how many more I’m going to take on.

So far, I’ve got Seattle, Lake Tahoe, and the Bay Area in the books.

I can’t wait to come hang out with you at your crib, yo.


There seems to be a lot of questions about this rare opportunity for a VIP “Focused & Free” Weekend. This is where I come work with you in-person at your home for 3 straight days. So, I thought I’d answer them for you now.


#1: Is it really just $5k and is there a discount if I’m already a HEARTCOPY member?

Yes, the investment is just $5k and, yes, there is a major discount. Most high-end VIP days run between $10K -$20K. And you usually have to fork over extra for your flight and accommodations. This is an entire weekend and I’m coming to YOU!

The $5k covers my flight, accommodations, time, expertise, and energy. And, if you’re already a HEARTCOPY member OR you jumped into my “Focused & Free” Laser Coaching Package back in January you’ll save $1,000 so the investment is just $4k. Saweeet, right?!

#2: I’d love to do this, but my schedule is so packed as it is…

Nice! This is actually the perfect opportunity for you. Because I’m not going to waste your time. Just you and me for 3 straight days bunkered down, laser focused on your biz. None of this theory crap. Straight up results oriented action.

#3: I can’t afford it right now. Do you have a payment plan?

Well, goodness, of course. If you’re serious about finally getting shh done and you want my help, I am willing to work out a payment plan that will work for both of us. Because after we have our VIP “Focused & Free” Weekend dropping $5k for something like this will feel like a drop in the hat.

#4: Will you travel outside of the US?

Yes, I’m going to be in Europe & Africa throughout the month of October and possibly November. So, if you’re on that side of the globe, you don’t have to miss out on this special opportunity.

#5: Are there bonuses?

Yes! If you’re a HEARTCOPY member I’m going to extend your membership for another year. That’s a $4997 savings! (We just overhauled the membership. It now includes newsletters, a masterclass series, in-person opportunities, bonus trainings, and more…) And..

If you’re not a HEARTCOPY member, you’re going to get the full $4997 membership for free.


Again, during this VIP “Focused & Free” Weekend I’ll help you with copy, marketing strategy and implementation, technology, camping set-up, program creation, whatever you need to get your project done and ready to make money.

To take action on this simply click reply now and let me know what you need help on. We’ll hop on the call and work out all the logistics.

All Love,

ps. There was one other question that came through and I was reluctant to say yes. So I’m putting it here in the ps.

#6: Can me and a buddy split the investment?

After careful consideration, yes.

HOWEVER, you and your buddy will need to agree on whose house we’ll be hanging at. We’ll make it a 3-some. (You know what I mean.) Just know that it means you’ll be splitting not just the investment but my attention. Either way, I’m game if y’all are.

Reach out to your buddy now and let me know.

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