Former marine reveals insider business secrets after a 6-pack of beer…

True story:

My bearded beloved is a bike mechanic. His shop is right next to a popular local sporting good store. Last Wednesday he came home and said “listen to this story…”

Here’s what he said:

Around 3 o’clock today a man walked into the popular local sporting good store. After meandering around for an hour or so, he gathered up about 30 shirts in his arms and calmly walked out of the store.Stealing hundreds of dollars worth of merch.

(“dayummm”, I said surprised.)

Then a sales clerk stepped out the door and asked, “Sir, are you going to pay for those?”

His reply?


Meanwhile, a former marine (who works with my bearded beloved) grabs his concealed weapon (which he unloaded) to go try and stop the perp or at least get his license plate #.

He’s too late.

The perp sped off.

But not so fast that they couldn’t remember what his car looked like. Stay with me here. This is where it gets good.

Cut scene to later that night.

It’s dark now.

Down by the new casino.

Our former marine is on a bike ride when he notices something. Right there in the parking lot is the perp’s car, full of the stolen merch. (Talk about serendipity, eh?) The former marine immediately calls the cops.The cops show up, wait for le perp to crawl out of the casino, and arrest him.

Next day at the shop…

The former marine is greeted with many thanks.

Plus a cold 6-pack from the local sporting good store.

Quite a happy ending, wouldn’t you say?

Now what does this story have to do with you, a business owner – a coach?

Well, my little dearling, it’s simple.


You’ve got to let the perp go in order to catch him.

In other words, once you know what you need to do and why you need to do it, you’ve got to let serendipity take care of the rest.

The former Marine knew why he needed to catch the perp (he stole sh*t) and he knew what he needed to do (he was a trained Marine for cryin’ out loud). All he had to do next was follow his instinct.

Same holds true for you in your business.

I can’t tell you what your ‘why’ is for your business. That’s for you to know.

But as for the ‘what’. That is my specialty.

Like the Marine, you’ll need the proper training to develop Marine like instincts in your business.

Specifically around marketing and copywriting.

Enter: “HeartCopy”

It’s the ultimate “hold in your hands” marketing training for coaches, consultants, and healers. No, you won’t have to do any push-ups or ropes courses, instead…

The training you’ll get in this paper and ink boot camp will build your marketing instinct to Marine like precision. Know exactly what kind of marketing strategy & words you’ll need for any selling situation:

In email
On your website
From a webinar
From stage
In person

Now, I do need to tell you…

After Thanksgiving I’ll be raising the “slit pay” option to reflect the additional man hours and energy it takes to offer a special payment plan option. (This is something you’ll want to do in your biz too.)

It will be significantly more expensive than the full pay option.

So, if you want in.

To get the marketing instincts.

I’d do it now.

Right here at

All Love,

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