Don’t Know What To Write In Your Emails?

It happens to every coach, consultant, healer, business owners….

They discover that building their email list and writing to said list is vital to their business’s growth and prosperity.

And just about that same time they realize…

That if they don’t know how to write emails their people crave and don’t know how to make money from such emails…

Well, they’re missing out on the #1 most important piece of their empire puzzle.

(The empire consisting of: email list, products, programs, behind-the-scenes systems, marketing & promo strategies, potentially live events, and eventually a team)

Almost everything comes back to the list.

Almost everything comes back to the list.

Nearly everything comes back to the list.

So, to not know how to write emails that sell… pardon my French… is no bueno.

In fact, this email is a prime example of what not to do.

Have a great day!

All Love,

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to know that the old saying “Imitation is the
sincerest form of flattery” does not apply
here. He does not find it flattering. He finds
it illegal. In other words, do NOT swipe or
steal the contents of this email.

Jennifer Mayers
Copy For Coaches
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