Can You Help Me Rebrand?

A question cometh from a reader:


“Jenn, if I sign up [for the VIP “Focused & Free” Weekend], will you help me write the copy for my rebrand?”

– D.


You are a wise woman, D.

Willing to ask the questions.

And the answer is: Yes! We’ll spend our 3 days together writing the right words for your brand, your message, and most importantly for your people.

Now, I’ve already reached out to D to let her know. And, we’ll be booking our VIP weekend dates tomorrow.

Whoop whoop!

Looks like I’ll be hanging out in the great state of Washington at least twice this year!

If you’re on the fence about having your very own expert copywritier come to your home and sit down with you for 3 straight days to help you with your biggest business projects, take it from D…

Email me now and let me know what you want help on.

The sooner we can get your project done, the faster it’ll make you money. That’s a fact.

Email me now. I’d love to help you make it happen.

All Love,

ps. Here’s the entire offer, one more time (you must act on this offer before Monday night):

VIP “Focused & Free” Weekend with Jenn

  • What if I came to your house and we had a VIP weekend for less than the price of most coaches VIP day? Just you and me. We meet for 3 days, roll up our sleeves, and get your marketing shh done.
  • We meet from 8AM to 3PM for 3 days in a row (likely a weekend).
  • During our time together we’ll both work on any project you like (your brand, your website, your launch, your funnel for intro sessions are great example).
  • I’ll help you with copy, technology, campaign set-up, product creation, whatever you need to get this project done and ready to make money.
  • If you invested in my “Focused & Free” Laser Coaching package or HEARTCOPY, I’ll apply that amount toward the fee (It’s like getting one of these programs for free). So instead of the full $5k, it’ll just be $4k.
  • I will cover my own travel and lodging so there are no extra fees to have me come to you.
  • We’ll pall around, sip tea, and take tons of selfies together 😉 I may even feature you and your program in an upcoming newsletter.
  • As a bonus I’ll extend your HEARTCOPY membership to give you a full year for free. And if you’re not an HC member, you will get the new fully upgraded $4997 membership for free.
  • I’m happy to offer a payment plan for our VIP weekend together

To take action on this rare opportunity, reply to this email right now and let me know what you want to work on.

pps. Be decisive. Be bold.

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