…And Then There Were ONLY 2 Spots Left…

Just checked my inbox.

We’re down to 2 spots left for 2 more
courageous coaches ready to get Focused & Free in 2016.

Let me tell you what you get as part of the “Focused & Free” LASER
Coaching Packages
for the low investment of just 1 payment of $997:

* World class coaching to get you Real World results (this ain’t no theory class, suga)
* UNLIMITED 15-minute laser coaching sessions with yours truly
* Recordings of your calls
* Homework on each call
* Email support, if you need support on your homework
* My 6-Figure Rolodex (my personal collection of client-getting strategies)
* Tickets to live events that will help you in every area of your life

Pull out your calculator right now and divide $997 by 12 months.

That’s less than $84 per month for an entire year of coaching.

Awesome, right?

Heck! Most people spend more than $84 on coffee per month.

So, if you want to be one of the final 2 coaches to become Focused & Free in 2016…

Sign Up Now.

Once you register, you’ll immediately get a link to schedule our
first call together (it will be 30 minutes so I can get to know you
business better).

Let’s hit the ground sprinting.

Sign Up Now.

All Love,

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