$47,000+ Biz Advice

Jennifer Mayers business advice

People love to give advice.

And when you’re a business owner you get a ton of it (amIright?)

I know I’ve gotten a poop load of it…

Don’t be too different, but don’t be too “like everyone else”
Don’t be too edgy, but don’t be soft either
Don’t be too lively, but don’t put them to sleep
Don’t be too this or too that….

“Your business needs to be professional, Jenn.” (Why do people
think that means “boring”?)

“Try not to use too many words or too little words, Jenn. It’s got
to look presentable.”

“You’ve got to follow the rules this way…” (Yeah, I’ll get right on
that – FoLLoWiNg ThE RuLeS..Ha!)

“Don’t curse, Jenn. It’ll make you look like you’re wild and ‘out
there'” (Damn Straight It Will)

And you know what I have to say to all that?

I don’t work with people with a big stick up their butt.
I don’t work with people who play by the rules.
I don’t work with people who stay inside the lines.

I work with visionaries.
…with people who see the world differently
…who make their own rules
…and don’t give a rat’s patootie what other people think.

Look, I’m not trying to pick a fight or throw up
some bad ju-ju. All I’m sayin’ is…

Starting your own business take HUGE cojones (and even HUGE-R
Heart) so, why should growing your business turn you into a spineless,
money-hungry drone glued to the computer screen searching for its
next client-getting system from the latest gooroo?!

That’s the thing…

It shouldn’t.

Here’s what I know:

There are foundational elements to each and every business, and once you’ve
got a firm grip (and implementation) of them, how you do business is totally your call.

You can either…

Do it everyone else’s way (and run the risk of looking like a poser).


You can go your own way.

For what it’s worth (about $47,000+, that’s what it cost me) here’s my $.02…

1) Approach EVERYTHING with beginners eyes.

2) Never – I mean never – self-abandon. (And when you do, because you will, forgive yourself.)

3) Dedicate yourself to creating unlimited, exponential growth in your business:
>> Step 1: Get really, really ridiculously good at writing Marketing Copy
>> Step 2: Use said copy writing skillz to any strategy for insane results.

4) Ask for help (not handouts).

5) And every now and again, remember to look up. It’s important to remember where we came from (and where we’re going).

What’s your take? Got some good advice? Share in the comments below.

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