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Why Manifesting Doesn’t Work…

If manifesting isn’t work for you… You’re doing it wrong. Period. Manifesting works every time. You will always receive what you ask for. However… If you feel like you’ve been trying to manifest clients, money, success, business and you haven’t seen little to no results, it has little to do with the power of manifesting […]

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I’m Writing To You From Jail.

In cometh an email from HEARTCOPY member and attendee of yesterday’s Marketing Masterclass, Heather: >>>>>>>> Hi Jenn, I just had to tell you that I had a funny dream last night about copywriting… I was eating at a restaurant here that used to be a jail in like the 1800s – they converted it into […]

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Don’t Know What To Write In Your Emails?

It happens to every coach, consultant, healer, business owners…. They discover that building their email list and writing to said list is vital to their business’s growth and prosperity. And just about that same time they realize… That if they don’t know how to write emails their people crave and don’t know how to make money from […]

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Can You Help Me Rebrand?

A question cometh from a reader: >>>>>>>> “Jenn, if I sign up [for the VIP “Focused & Free” Weekend], will you help me write the copy for my rebrand?” – D. >>>>>>>> You are a wise woman, D. Willing to ask the questions. And the answer is: Yes! We’ll spend our 3 days together writing […]

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